Dinner Plans T-Shirt

Dinner Plans?

Sorry I can’t, I already have plans with my cat.  If you’ve said that before, this is a shirt for you. Dinner Plans is the purrfect graphic tee for any cat lover!

Jayme Art T-Shirts on Amazon - Dinner Plans with my Cat T-shirt Clothing

  Dinner Plans – Orange Cat T-Shirt 


Dinner Plans is an original hand-drawn & vectorized artwork by Jayme Art available on Amazon.  (now in two cool cat color versions)

Look great in this cute tuxedo cat, or orange kitty cat graphic tee made of soft ring-spun cotton, on a choice of several different colors, and available in Men’s, Women’s & Kid’s sizes.

  9 out of 10 *cats surveyed gave this design a furry ‘paws up’ ♥

tuxedo cat Tshirt by Jayme Art Tshirts on Amazon

 Dinner Plans – Tuxedo Cat T-Shirt


*Cats in the survey may have only had their ‘paws up’ reaching for your plate.


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