Free 2-D Animation Software


2-D Animation Software

A very cool, open source animation production software, OpenToonz  has been available as a free download since March of last year.  OpenToonz is a version of Toonz, the software used by Studio Ghibli, Rough Draft Studios, and many other professional studios worldwide.  I recently downloaded OpenToonz to try it out. It looks a little intimidating to learn but like everything, there are some good tutorials online. Check out some of the many features it has…




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New Graphics Tablet


I found a graphics tablet.

In my last post I was looking for a new graphics tablet. I finally decided on the Ugee® UG-2150 21.5 Inch Pen Tablet Monitor. I’m still in the process of setting it up with my art software, (Manga and Inkscape) and arranging my desk. I also purchased the Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm for the tablet. (they are both really cool so far)

My workspace